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The Judge
Your mentor. Brother of Valerie.

Judge sprite

Description An odd appearing, cryptic cat.
Appearance Zone 0, Zone 1, Zone 2 & The Room
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Battle Sprite Le juge

The Judge is the first character The Batter encounters. He often makes an appearance to provide assistance to The Batter and the player during puzzles. He is also known to address the player rather than The Batter.

The Judge is initially found in Zone 0, but is encountered throughout the entirety of the game.


Being a cat, The Judge bears the typical features of any other feline: A tail and pointy ears. However, what sets The Judge in a different category than the rest of his species is his immense grin, large eyes and disproportionately large head compared to his body.

During the game, The Judge never loses his trademark smile and, whenever spoken to, makes a purring sound.


The Judge is an intellectual and helpful character. Whenever The Batter speaks with him, The Judge will almost always respond with a witty riddle in order to help The Batter and The Player with whatever puzzles they face. He, much like Zacharie, also only seems to address The Player and usually refers to The Batter as "the puppet" to The Player's "puppeteer".

After realizing his brother is dead, The Judge seems to take on a more morose presence—whenever he is around—showing that he had the capacity to care about others.


The Judge is the neutral, hint giving acquaintance of The Batter and The Player. He takes a standoffish attitude to The Batter's mission.

However, at the end, before The Batter is going to flip the switch, The Judge decides to step in and requests for The Player's much needed assistance in defeating The Batter. He reveals the hypocrisy in The Batter's mission and solidifies his stance to go against The Batter "turning off the light".

If The Player decides to take The Judge's side, The Batter transforms into a monster himself. When The Batter is defeated, The Judge can be seen traversing a purified zone's railway, alone.

Valerie and The Judge may be the subjects of the various cards found in the Shachihata post office, as the final card states that there are only two, who reside in a secret Zone. This may also refer to The Queen and Hugo in The Room.


LVL Name Description CP Rate
1 Conniving Aneurysm Special attack of low impact. 5 100%
1 Malicious Aneurysm Special attack of mediocre impact. 13 100%
1 Critical Aneurysm Special attack of important impact. 26 100%
1 Aneurysm Rupture Special attack of incredible impact. 25% 100%
1 Unknown Sclerosis Special attack inflicting Muteness 8 100%
1 Untypical Sclerosis Special attack inflicting Blindness 8 80%
1 Purulent Sclerosis Special attack inflicting Poison 8 100%
1 Immediate Sclerosis Special attack inflicting Palsy 8 100%


  • Zacharie reveals that the Judge's real name is Pablo.
  • A special ending is available in which The Player can choose to side with The Judge instead of The Batter.
  • The Judge's appearance, that of a smiling talking cat, along with his enigmatic presence in the game, might be a reference to the Cheshire Cat, more specifically the American McGee's Alice incarnation. Both are extremely informative and both are allies to the player, only the Cheshire Cat is always helping Alice while The Judge eventually opposes the Batter.


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