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The Judge


Description A wise, otherworldly cat
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Final Weapon Boastful Symbol
Battle Sprite Judge-battlesprite

The Judge is a strange, cryptically speaking cat with a wide grin. He is the first character encountered by the main protagonist of the game, The Batter, and gives The Batter several tutorials on logic puzzles and "violent confrontation". Along with his purifying mission, the Batter is given instructions to find and seek the Judge's help. In this way, the Judge acts as an advisor to the Batter over the course of the game.

The Judge's most distinguishing characterists are his peculiar appearance as a constantly smiling cat and his colorful vocabulary. In contrast to the Batter's short, apathetic dialogue, the Judge's elocution is significantly more detailed and precise.

His real name is revealed to be "Pablo" by Zacharie, near the end of the game.


The Judge leads The Batter through Zone 0, introducing The Batter to how the game works, and will continue to offer aid to The Batter in the early stages of the game, up until the end of Zone 2.

Later on, when his brother Valerie is purified during the confrontation with Japhet, he dissappears in his grief. He can be found on the rooftop of the library in Purified Zone 2, meowing in grief. During the time he remains on the rooftop, Zacharie wears a cat mask and fills in The Judge's role of giving The Batter cryptic hints. He even mimics The Judge's meow throughout this section of the game, instead of chuckling.

The Judge remains on the rooftop until he appears at the very end of the game to challenge The Batter and stop him from his mission of purifying the entire land, calling his motives twisted and destructive. At this point the player is given a choice to side with The Batter or The Judge. If the player chooses The Batter, The Judge is the final boss. He does not have much health and can be defeated fairly effortlessly. If instead the player sides with The Judge, a demonic form of The Batter appears as the final boss.


LVL Name Description CP Rate
1 Conniving Aneurysm Special attack of low impact. 5 100%
1 Malicious Aneurysm Special attack of mediocre impact. 13 100%
1 Critical Aneurysm Special attack of important impact. 26 100%
1 Aneurysm Rupture Special attack of incredible impact. 25% of max 100%
1 Unknown Sclerosis Special attack inflicting Muteness 8 100%
1 Untypical Sclerosis Special attack inflicting Blindness 8 100%
1 Purulent Sclerosis Special attack inflicting Poison 8 100%
1 Immediate Sclerosis Special attack inflicting Palsy 8 100%


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