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The Judge is the first non-player character encountered in the game. He is initially found in Zone 0 and appears throughout the rest of the game. He is the Guardian for Zone 0, for which he posseses a card, much like the other guardians for each Zone.


The Judge is a cat with a disproportionally large head and a constant wide grin. He always appears with his trademark smile in his conversational avatar and makes a purring sound when spoken to. However, after the purification of Zone 2 (and subsequently Valerie's death), The Judge's sprite will change expression to a solemn straight face.


The Judge is a seemingly omniscient, quizmaster-like character. He does not seem to take much interest in The Batter's mission until the end of the game, and seems more focused on his own amusement. In conversation with The Batter, The Judge will often present a riddle in place of a response. Much like Zacharie, The Judge addresses The Player directly and usually refers to The Batter as The Player's "puppet".


The Judge takes no side during most of the game, but occasionally aids The Player by giving them hints. At the end of the game, before The Batter is able to flip the switch, The Judge steps in and requests The Player's assistance in stopping The Batter.

If The Player denies the request, The Batter will face The Judge in battle. Upon The Judge's defeat, The Batter is free to proceed to the switch and flip it into the "OFF" position. This will fade the screen to black, followed by a message box informing The Player that "The switch is now on OFF". After this, the credits roll.

If The Player accepts, they will control The Judge in battle against The Batter, who will transform into a spectre-like monster. If he is defeated, the game ends. The Judge is aware that there is no way to reverse the actions The Batter and the Player made, but prefers this over the Batter finishing his mission. He is then seen traversing the railway of the purified Zone 1.


LVL Name Description CP Rate
1 Conniving Aneurysm Special attack of low impact. 5 100%
1 Malicious Aneurysm Special attack of mediocre impact. 13 100%
1 Critical Aneurysm Special attack of important impact. 26 100%
1 Aneurysm Rupture Special attack of incredible impact. 25% 100%
1 Unknown Sclerosis Special attack inflicting Muteness 8 100%
1 Untypical Sclerosis Special attack inflicting Blindness 8 80%
1 Purulent Sclerosis Special attack inflicting Poison 8 100%
1 Immediate Sclerosis Special attack inflicting Palsy 8 100%


  • Zacharie reveals that the Judge's real name is Pablo.
  • A special ending is available in which The Player can choose to side with The Judge instead of The Batter.
  • The Judge's appearance of a smiling, talking and enigmatic cat is similar and possibly inspired by the Cheshire Cat of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
  • All of The Judge's competences are related to medical disorders. Sclerosis is the term for a hardening in the brain, and aneurysm is a term to describe a blood-filled and balloon-like bulge in a blood vessel.
  • Valerie and The Judge could be the subjects of the cards found in the Shachihata post office. The final card states that there are only two, who reside in a secret Zone. This may also refer to The Queen and Hugo in The Room.


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