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Valērie is the Judge's younger brother, mentioned only on encountering the Judge again in Zone 2. In the heated exchange before going into battle with Japhet, it is mentioned that Valerie attempted to eat Japhet, but for unknown reasons (possibly having to do with being a zone guardian or being too kind-hearted to kill him) Japhet was neither killed nor digested, forcing him to take control of Valerie from within, instead.

After purifying the Second Zone, the Judge can be found on the top of the library. He will ask if the Batter has seen Valerie. It is implied he is dead, as he is never seen again. However, the Judge will fervently look for him for the remainder of the game, and can be heard crying and calling for him. Valerie's death leaves the Judge in a trance-like state, unable to accept his brother's death.

Valerie and the Judge may be the subjects of the various cards found in the Shachihata post office, as the final card states that there are only two, who reside in a secret Zone.



  • Mortis Ghost mentions on his DeviantART that the reason Japhet was not killed was because Valerie was too kind to hurt a bird.