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Zacharie is the game's item vendor, buying and selling items to and from The Batter. His shop is the only one in the game, and he often shows up in new areas or shortly before difficult fights.



Zacharie is initially seen wearing a toad mask, which interestingly parallels a book found in the Bismark library that talks about a Masked Man who slays a Toad King. His neck also appears to be somewhat bloated and deformed, also resembling a toad. He is later seen wearing a cat mask as a replacement for The Judge, who is put out of commission by the death of his brother Valerie. His talking sound also turns into a voiced "Meow" instead of his usual chuckle.


He has a tendency to frequently break the fourth wall, even more than The Judge, often referring to the player directly upon speaking to him/her. He also refers to The Player in a sign found in Bismark's shopping mall.



Zacharie is the official merchant of Off - the only one, in fact. However, his business is not one of the most flourishing ones: only heroes are willing to buy artifacts from mysterious strangers. No one really knows where all the items he offers are coming from, nor how he even got hold of them, but as a video game player, you probably couldn't care less about it, could you?

- Zacharie's section in the "others 02" image (translated), located in the "Sketches" folder on the official OFF website.

Zacharie is an item vendor, claiming himself to be "the traditional items merchant that's necessary in every video game." While the game never specifies what his actual role is, the game implies that he seems to at least know many important people that reside within the word of OFF. He is implied to own the Bismark theme park, as there is a statue of him on the roller coaster, and an Elsen guarding an office refers to him as "boss". He seems to also personally know Hugo, as a calendar page in Hugo's many rooms inside The Room seem to talk about him and how he's the "best guy".


He seems to be a friend of The Judge, filling in for him and sometimes worrying about his safety. He also knows Sugar, who requests that The Batter tell him goodbye upon her defeat. He appears saddened by her death, and there is no chuckle when he is talked to. Interestingly enough, he states that "it's probably for the best." He seems to know and maybe even be friends with Hugo, as stated above.


  • Mortis Ghost has confirmed that Zacharie is a human[1].
  • It's possible that Zacharie may be the Masked Man who slew the Toad King, or perhaps the story was based on or even written by him.
    • The French version of the game does, in fact, confirm that Zacharie is the Masked Man who slaughtered the Toad King. The Index of the ripped-up book in the library of Zone 2 has a page named "Le roi crapeau et le merchand" which translates to "The toad king and the merchant". The significance to this and the connections to the game's actual story is not yet known.
  • Zacharie may have connections with Japhet or The Queen, leading to his acquisition or creation of the Bismark theme park.


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