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Zone 3 is a large factory, presumably operated by Enoch, its Guardian. It is described as haven in which every Elsen may have a job and feel productive. Sugar is produced here, which is the fifth element - a secret element created by Enoch, observed to have an addicting effect on the Elsen.


It is known that the process by which sugar is obtained involves burning the bodies of deceased Elsen. Sugar is described by one of the Elsen as "the most important element", stating that without sugar, people would be "unable to bear reality, and they would go mad." Another Elsen is observed mumbling to himself in contemplation of opening the sugar pipes and letting it spill forth. He feels temptation in this way, but dare not risk suffering the consequences.

Zone 3

In the factory, there are many posters which encourage a calm and compliant work environment. One of such posters instructs the Elsen that if they are polite to any passing spectres, they will not be harmed. This is obviously witnessed to be false later in the Zone, when The Batter observes a spectre harming and killing a lone Elsen.

The third, and last add-on, Epsilon, can be found in this Zone either in the eastern dorms of the cafeteria room or in the room leading to Enoch's office.

A solution for the walking bug appearing after talking to Zacharie (way to Area 4)


Firstly, you need tools allowing you to make your save file editable. It can be found on this site. These tools can convert your .lsd file to a .xml format, which is possible to edit with even Windows Notepad, and convert a .xml file to .lsd one.

Secondly, make a backup of your original save file in order to "be prepared for the worst", and use this tool to make your first convertion.

Thirdly, open up your save file with a Notepad and find a line named "SavePartyLocation", and then a value "unknown 25". It's marked on the screen. Next, change the number appearing in <unknown_25>4</unknown_25> line to a number higher or lower than 4. This factor is responsible for your character's speed in RPG Maker games.

Step 1

Lines with interesting us values selected

It's important now to convert your .xml file into a .lsd file, move your save to Off's folder, and run the game. The game will a) use your speed, if it was set at lower than 4 or b) reset the value to 2 (which is, ironically, your current speed, if you had encountered the bug). Use the lsd > xml converter again, and change the "unknown 25" value to 4, then convert your .xml file to .lsd back, throw it into your game's folder, and experience this awful bug never again!

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